Future Events


Our next Explore Course starts April 30th.

If you would like to sign up for these courses, please contact Sheila Bridge.

Calendar of sessions:

Explore 1: Focussing on what God might be like, using clues from the world we all experience.

Week 1 -  How do we know if there is a God?

Week 2 - What might God be like?

Week 3 - What would God think of us?

Week 4 - What makes for a good life?

Explore 2: Focussing on who we are and how (or if) we can live well.

Week 1 - If I want life to be different, can I really change?

Week 2 - Forgiveness - the answer to everything?

Week 3 - Does prayer work? If so how?

Week 4 - Why connecting to church might change everything?

Every session will last an hour and a half and consist of 15 minutes of tea/coffee and welcome; 5-10 minutes of wondering about stuff - either silently or by commenting - just getting our brains round the question; 20 minutes of talk/input from group leader(s); 30 minutes of discussion.

No charge for attending, no pressure, just thought provoking content and conversation.



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