Our Services

For the time being all regular services at St Matthew's

are suspended.

However we are starting to hold services again.

Here are the details of those planned so far:

Sunday 2nd August at 10.30am - Open Air Family Service (tickets only)

Sunday 9th August at 10am - Holy Communion at St Laurence, Bidford

Sunday 16th August at 10am - Holy Communion at St Laurence, Bidford

Sunday 23rd August at 10.30am - Holy Communion at St Matthew's

Sunday 20th August at 11am - Family Picnic Service at St Matthew's (tickets)

Our normal monthly pattern of services at St Matthew's is:

1st Sunday   8.45am Holy Communion   10.30am Family Service
2nd Sunday       10.30am Holy Communion + JAM
3rd Sunday   8.45am Holy Communion   10.30am Family Service
4th Sunday       10.30am Family Communion (a shorter communion with explanations and easier words)
5th Sunday       10.30am Group Service at one of our churches.

St Matthew's Church building

Some of our services are led by Lay people and Holy Communion may be "by Extension" led by a licensed Reader or an authorised member of the Leadership Team using bread and wine formerly consecrated by a priest.

There is a said Holy Communion service at 8.45am on the first and third Sundays lasting about 30-35 minutes.

Our main services are at 10.30am on Sunday morning with music provided by a worship band of singers, guitars, keyboard and sometimes drums. Occasionally we use recorded music to accompany the singing and the format of the service varies as follows:

  • On the first and third Sundays of every month we have a Family Service with lots of activities and crafts for children and families to be involved with the service lasting about 45-50 minutes. We usually begin with pastries and squash and coffee or tea from 10am and end with more refreshments in the Church Room.
  • The second Sundays we have Holy Communion in the church lasting about 75-90 minutes with our Sunday School called JAM (Jesus And Me) for younger children in the Church Room starting at 10.30am.
  • The fourth Sunday we have a Family Communion designed to be 'family friendly' with explanations of what is happening and easily understandable words and songs.
  • When there is a fifth Sunday we usually hold a Group Service for all the Heart of England Parishes in one of the churches in the group.

Sarah Folkes, our Family Link Worker usually organises activities for the children at most of our main 10.30am services and we enjoy having children and babies in church with us, no matter how much noise they make or where they want to wander! There is a dedicated play area in the south aisle where toys and drawing equipment are always available and parents can take their children into the Church Room if they feel the need to.

Coffee, tea, squash and biscuits are usually served after the 10.30am services.

Our dress code is very informal and relaxed.