Prayer and Small Groups


We come to the foot of the crossWe believe in the power and importance of prayer and meet regularly to pray together at different churches across the group.

We meet for 30 minutes on the following days every week:

  • Tuesday 7pm in St Laurence's Church - Bidford
  • Thursday 9.00am in the Church Room at St Matthew's
  • Friday 6.30pm at a home in Salford Priors
You are very welcome to any of these meetings or to pray in church at any time. St Matthew's church is open every day from approx 8am until 4/5pm and you are welcome to sit or Hands open to receive from the Holy Spiritkneel quietly and pray anywhere in the church.


If you would like someone to pray with you, then after every 10.30am service there will  be members of our Ministry Team available, so please make your request known to whoever is leading the service. 

We usually set aside time in our Home Groups for regular prayer and support.


Studying the BibleWe have a number of small groups (Homegroups) meeting fortnightly in homes around the parishes on different days of the week, where folk can build trust and friendships, pray and support each other and study the Bible together.

For more information or to join a group, please speak to the Rector or one of the Church Leaders or contact the Church Office.


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