Giving to St Matthew's

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If you would like to make a donation to St Matthew's during a visit to the church, there is now a Contactless device by the Church Room doors which will accept all major credit and debit cards and is very simple to use. Just follow the onscreen instructions. Or you can scan the QR code shown below into your phone or tablet which will take you to the donations website for St Matthew's. Alternatively you can hit the "Donate with Dona" button on this page.




Scan this QR code or hit the "Donate with Dona" button below to connect you with the donations website.







If you would like to give regularly to the church, we recommend using the Parish Giving Scheme which is outlined below:

Click here to open a leaflet which explains why we need to give and how practically to go about it

Click here to open up the PGS Notes and Giving Form. 

This form should not be downloaded and used to register as PGS will only accept original versions. The simplest way to set up your giving through PGS is to phone them on 01452 895595 making sure you have your bank details and our Parish Code - 110611148



ONLINE Giving to St Matthew's
Link button to the Dona donations site