Baptism Policy

Policy for St Matthew’s Church – Salford Priors
We believe that Baptism marks an important step in Christian commitment and so it is right that those to be baptised (or their parents in the case of a child,) should have an understanding of the meaning of Baptism. With babies initially we usually offer a "Service of Thanksgiving" while we help the parents to explore the meaning of Baptism. A Baptism Preparation course is offered from time to time so that several couples can meet together to go through the understanding process.
It is our responsibility as a Church to encourage seekers of Baptism to carefully consider and understand the implications of the step they are taking, by providing informal preparation, teaching, support and encouragement concerning the Christian faith.
In terms of Baptism policy this means:
The Church's part
To welcome and encourage enquiries about Baptism and to provide preparation for Baptism:
  • By discussing the meaning of Baptism - with particular emphasis on personal faith in Jesus, and the role of the Church in nurturing that faith.  This will be done by a member of clergy or other trained members of the Church during the preparation period of approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • By welcoming everyone wanting to be baptised as they join in our Church Services* which are able to accommodate them (*except in very exceptional circumstances like serious illness or infirmity.)
  • By providing ongoing encouragement and support to those who have been baptised in order that they may continue to grow in Christian faith and commitment to the Church.
  • By attempting to provide a friendship/contact link between one or more Church members and those to be baptised and/or their parents for the purposes of encouragement and follow up
  • Baptism will normally only be carried out during the main Sunday morning service (usually a Family Service) so that those being Baptised can be welcomed by and into the whole family of the church..
The Part of those to be Baptised/Parents of those to be Baptised
To accept preparation for Baptism by:
  • Becoming part of the regular worshipping Church family for a period of 2-3 months before the Baptism, and where possible to accept invitations to events or courses run by the Church.
  • Making use of the opportunities offered to talk about the meaning of Baptism, the Christian faith and the role of the Church in developing and encouraging faith.
  • Carefully considering the meaning and significance of Baptism and personal faith in Jesus.